April 11, 2016
From Texas Lawyer

By John Council

Even as plaintiffs were shattering an all-time record by filing 2,591 new cases in the Eastern District of Texas last year, experts predicted the nation's most popular patent docket could not get any bigger. It turns out they were right. First quarter filings in the Eastern District have plummeted in 2016 when compared to the previous year.

According to Docket Navigator Analytics, 287 new patent cases were filed in the Eastern District between January 1 and March 31, 2016—a drop of nearly half from the 543 new patent cases during the first quarter of the previous year.

And one of the primary reasons plaintiffs are no longer so eager to bring their claims to the popular jurisdiction is because of what's called "the eDekka case," said Jason Wietjes, a shareholder in the Dallas office of Polsinelli who practices in the Eastern District.

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