August 7, 2018

This webinar was previously recorded on August 7, 2018. To view a recording of this webinar please click here.  

Polsinelli Labor & Employment Webinar: The Emerald Series: A Moving Target

August 7, 2018 | 1:00 PM - 2:15 PM EST

In the third segment of our series, Emily leaves Mr. Grumble's employment to work for Ms. Ner-Vess at her I.T. consulting firm. Unfortunately, Emily encounters a hostile work environment, but Ms. Ner-Vess is afraid to investigate the complaint, as she is concerned that the alleged harasser may quit and the investigation might disrupt office morale. During this same timeframe, some workers decide to organize a union campaign. Ms. Ner-Vess, fearful of violating the NLRA, does not oppose the workers' efforts, which leads to the company becoming a union shop. When a group of employees leave, they also take her client list and business strategy for consulting. This time, however, Ms. Ner-Vess finds the courage to enforce the agreements.

If you missed our first two installments, you can listen to Segment One here and Segment Two here.


    • Preventing Workplace Harassment in the #Metoo Era

    • Responding to and Investigating Workplace Harassment
    • Responding to Union Organizing
    • Enforcing Rights in Confidential Information & Trade Secrets