October 15, 2014

An INVITATION to join us for Polsinelli's

Quarterly Briefing

Building a Safety Net: Contracts and Risk Management Integrated Solutions

How do you manage your project risk? Understanding your contracts and formulating a plan to manage to those contracts is imperative for a successful and profitable project. This quarterly program will look at issues facing construction professionals and address different ways to mitigate these risks. This program will benefit everyone from company principals all the way to entry level engineers.

Session 1 – Subcontract and Prime Contract Management


  • Notice provisions
  • No damage for delay provisions
  • Pay if paid vs. pay when paid provisions
  • Waiver of subrogation provisions
  • Liquidated damage provisions
  • Indemnification provisions
  • Differing site condition provisions
  • Flow down provisions
  • Termination for cause provisions
  • Termination for convenience provisions
  • Pass through provisions, liquidating agreements
  • Best practices


CLE credits to In-House Counsel attorneys.

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