December 7, 2011

Ever since Google announced it would bring ultra high-speed internet to the metro, people have been wondering how it might be best put to use. Now an international competition to figure that out has been narrowed to 39 semi-finalists.

The Gigabit Challenge had 113 submissions from five continents and 24 states. It asked aspiring entrepreneurs for their ideas for business ideas that best used the Google network. Fox4 interviewed Greg Kratofil about the competition and the challenges for entrepreneurs.    

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Kratofil provides legal counsel on a wide variety of matters for today’s technology companies, including startup formation and venture capital financing, intellectual property based joint ventures, copyright and trademark protection, software development and licensing, as well as drafting and reviewing various hosting, consulting, procurement, network and systems development contracts. 

Kratofil's experience includes complex technology and commercial contracting transactions, technology and software-based mergers and acquisitions, as well as compliance with GLB, HIPAA, state privacy breach notification laws and other privacy directives. Drawing on his technology and business background, Kratofil takes on the role as general counsel for a number of the region’s new and developing technology businesses.