November 4, 2010
Millions of us go to work every day. We push ourselves to move further up the corporate ladder, to look for advancements. Right now, millions more are looking for work and looking for somebody to say, "I believe you can do the job." But so many get passed over, don't get the promotion, or get the generic email thanking them. KSHB Anchor and Reporter Christa Dubill explores the issue about "lookism" and employment. Polsinelli Shughart Employment Attorney Karen Glickstein provides viewers knowledge in employment law. Glickstein focuses her practice on assisting employers in a wide variety of employment and human resources issues. She has experience defending all types of claims including claims of discrimination based on racial, sexual, disability, religious, national origin, and age-based harassment, retaliation, violations of the Family and Medical Leave Act, USERRA, and both common law and statutory "whistleblowing" claims.  Glickstein has also defended EEOC class actions. She writes and speaks frequently on her area of law.

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