November 9, 2015
The St. Louis Business Journal recently reported on "How to Choose an Employee Benefits Firm." Reporter Julie Murphy interviewed Polsinelli's Jamie Zveitel Kwiatek, a member of the Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation practice, for the story about employee benefits firms.

Employee benefits fall into three main categories - executive compensation, retirement plans and "welfare" benefits (medical, dental , vision etc.). Kwiatek said "Once you have identified which categories of benefits your company will provide, seek a benefits firm that has solid experience in those particular areas."

Also look for a benefits firm that has experience in your company's industry. "Different industries have different approaches," Kwiatek said. "and you (the employer) are looking to be, generally, competitive with others in your industry, so you don't want to develop (a plan)  that's way out of line with other companies with which you are competing for employees."

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