June 26, 2015

From The Dallas Business Journal

By Bill Hethcock

The U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage will have broad implications for Texas employers’ benefits programs and policies and retirement plans, among other workplace facets, Dallas-Fort Worth labor and employment lawyers say.

Steve Fox, a Dallas labor and employment lawyer with Polsinelli, said many businesses nationwide, including prominent North Texas companies such as American Airlines, AT&T Inc. and Kimberly-Clark, signed a brief urging the Supreme Court to decide in favor of same-sex marriage.

Fox told me in an interview that the large companies’ position is not surprising given the companies’ customer base and employee recruitment pool.

“The people they are trying to provide services to include a significant portion of that population, and a large portion of the people that they want to work for them are also in that circle,” Fox said. “It makes no sense to exclude people from your customer base because you appear to be on the other side of the argument.”

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