October 10, 2016
From AZ Central, The Arizona Republic

My Turn: Environmentalists sue over a problem they helped create

Former Congressman: The Sierra Club's role in a lawsuit to close the Navajo Generating Station is beyond ironic.

By John Shadegg

The Sierra Club has joined Earthjustice in suing the Environmental Protection Agency for agreeing to allow Navajo Generating Station to continue to operate, provided it closes one unit and installs haze-reducing equipment on the remaining two units, regardless of any measurable reduction in haze.  

These steps are not enough for the environmental groups. They want it closed. The irony is breathtaking.

Although The Arizona Republic's front-page article ("Arizona's largest carbon footprint," Sept. 29) didn't mention it, Navajo Generating Station was authorized by Congress to make it possible for Arizona to move its share of Colorado River water into central Arizona.

Congressional approval followed an intense 20-year struggle to build the Central Arizona Project and secure the electricity to pump the water into Phoenix and Tucson.

The effort was led by former U.S. Senator Carl Hayden and the entire Arizona delegation and is a part of our state’s culture and history. Hayden’s stature and seniority, and the efforts of the Arizona delegation, led to the creation of the CAP and the Navajo Generating Station.  Together, they have made much of Arizona’s growth and success possible.

Without the electricity the Navajo Generating Station produces, the water delivered to Phoenix and Tucson by the CAP pumps, and which makes our communities, homes and businesses possible, wouldn’t be here.

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