November 29, 2016
Senior Policy Advisor Julius W. Hobson, Jr. was recently interviewed by FOX 5 News and The Washington Times in regards to the recently revised Washington D.C. paid family leave bill. 

From The Washington Times

Mayor fears D.C. paid family leave bill would help Maryland, Virginia residents more than city

by Ryan McDermott

The Universal Paid Leave Act of 2015 would provide 11 weeks of paid leave to city workers who have newborns or adopt babies and eight weeks for those who must tend to sick relatives. The program would be funded via a 0.62 percent payroll tax on about 8,000 city businesses and is estimated to cost $250 million a year.

Julius Hobson, a public policy lawyer at Polsinelli law firm, said D.C. residents could end up hurting if city officials enact the paid family leave bill, which would be the most generous program of its kind in the country.

“It’s not clear that there was a significant effort to narrow this down to people who live here,” said Mr. Hobson, a former D.C. government liaison to Congress. “I suspect businesses are going to move out of town to avoid tax. Who’s going to get hurt? The people who live here.”

The Home Rule Act allows Congress to strike down any law passed in the District, which usually is achieved by denying appropriations for a measure.

“Will business go to the Hill to lobby to bring this down? Given the results of the [general] election, my bet is yes,” Mr. Hobson said, noting that Republicans retained control of Congress and won the White House. “[Business owners] might get a positive reception for something like that.”

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