November 21, 2012
From The Kansas City Star

by Diane Stafford

(Polsinelli Chairman Russ Welsh delivered the Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner Address. Welsh was recently elected chair of the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce).

The chamber’s new chairman, Russ Welsh, CEO of Polsinelli, said the chamber needed to work hard to make “legislators care more about fostering the economic growth and the quality of life in Kansas City than they do about narrow partisan agendas.”

Welsh said the coming year required the chamber to produce tangible results on its “Big 5” initiatives. Those projects are designed to:
  • Stage a world symposium on animal health. 
  • Become known as “America’s most entrepreneurial city.” 
  • Become a center of transnational science and medical research. 
  • Move the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance to downtown Kansas City. 
  • Improve economic well-being in an urban core neighborhood east of Troost Avenue. 
Welsh challenged chamber members to be prouder of the Kansas City area, but not too proud.

“Not enough of us sing the virtues of Kansas City to ourselves or to employers in other cities who may consider moving here,” Welsh said. “And sometimes we are a bit too satisfied with the way things are in Kansas City.”