May 15, 2013

From The Hill

by Martin Frost

As someone who has spent much of his adult life in politics and journalism, I find the action by the Department of Justice in targeting The Associated Press and its reporters as utterly reprehensible and crying out for some dramatic response.

Let me set the scene.

In 1964 I graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Journalism degree (at that time Missouri was generally considered to be one of the top three journalism schools in the country).

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About Martin Frost

Former Congressman Martin Frost is a keen observer of national politics who has held a number of leadership positions for the Democratic Party and is considered one of the party’s top strategists.

From 1979-2005, Mr. Frost served as a member of Congress representing the Dallas-Fort Worth area in north Texas. During his distinguished career in the House, he served from 1999-2003 as Chair of the Caucus, the third highest elected leadership position for Democrats, and was the senior Democrat on the powerful Rules Committee. Mr. Frost also served for six years on the House Budget Committee and was chairman of the Health Task Force from 1985-88. During the 1996 and 1998 election cycles, Mr. Frost was the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, helping his party to a net gain of 14 House seats. When Mr. Frost departed Congress, he was the senior southern Democrat in the House and the dean of the Texas congressional delegation.