November 24, 2014
Polsinelli offers town hall meeting to discuss the plan's implications on businesses

President Barack Obama announced Thursday night on national television his plans for executive action plan that would allow millions of unauthorized individuals to remain in the United States and gain employment authorization. Many employers will be impacted by the president’s executive action

“This is a real game changer by the president. Millions of foreign nationals and many employers will be impacted,” said Polsinelli Immigration Practice Leader Jeffrey Bell from his Kansas City office. “There will be a multitude of changes employers will face as the president rolls out a timeline.”

Friday morning, Polsinelli held a Town Hall meeting and webinar in the firm’s Washington, D.C. office with a distinguished roundtable. Guests included Julie Myers Wood, former Head of the US. Immigration and Customers Enforcement, now the CEO of Guidepost Solutions, LLC; Fernando Espuelas, a Fellow at the Aspen Institute and political analyst; Benjamin Johnson, Executive Director of the Immigration Policy Institute Julius Hobson, a senior policy advisor at Polsinelli; and John Torres, former Special Agent, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, now Senior Managing Director, Guidepost Solutions, LLC. 

Polsinelli immigration attorneys can speak to reporters and address the following topics as they relate to the president’s announcement:
  • Streamlining and modernization of the permanent labor certification process
  • Impact on employers (hiring, tax, employee benefits) and immigration compliance
  • Eligibility and timing considerations for applications for Deferred Action
  • New policies to attract and retain in the United States highly skilled workers and entrepreneurs
The immigration team at Polsinelli works closely with employers to understand both government regulations and changing laws. Each year, Polsinelli immigration attorneys answer these challenges by partnering with clients to complete hundreds of immigration visa and compliance matters in industries such as health care, life sciences, manufacturing, food production, hospitality, information technology and engineering.