December 1, 2015
Fresh off its well-received “Life Cycle of an Employee” webinar series, Polsinelli’s Labor & Employment Practice will debut its 2016 webinar program: “The Ruby Files: Managing the Challenging Employee.” This year-long series will follow “Ruby,” a fictional employee whose workplace behavior is based on real life employment situations in various industries, including health care, financial services and technology.

“Polsinelli is always striving to create innovative ways to meet and exceed our clients’ needs,” said Labor and Employment Practice Group Chair Nancy E. Rafuse. “We had more than 1000 people listen to our Life Cycle series, and we expect that Ruby will be just as popular and provide value to our clients in 2016. We are very excited about this series.”

The series, which will include audio clips of Ruby interacting with management and HR, will explore challenging scenarios including:
  • Ruby’s re-entrance into the workforce at a hospital in a supervisory role, and a Department of Labor investigation concerning her exempt status. 
  • Ruby’s posts on social media about her medical conditions and subsequent termination for performance issues. 
  • Ruby’s misrepresentation about her work history with an employer, and her flirtatious behavior with a supervisor that results in sexual harassment claims. She then fails an aptitude test and claims that it has a disparate impact on people over 40. 
  • Ruby’s move to a tech company, where after a short stint, she leaves the company and takes proprietary materials with her. 
  • Ruby’s move to a new company and her life-altering decision. How will that impact Ruby and others at work in the fight for bathroom equality? 
“This isn’t Employment Law 101,” said Polsinelli Shareholder Eric E. Packel, who will moderate the series. “We will be very specific and provide examples of workplace issues that crop up daily for general counsel and HR professionals. We are producing this webinar in a creative way that I think attendees will not only learn from, but also enjoy.”

Listeners will hear best practices from employment, health care, intellectual property and technology attorneys from Polsinelli offices coast to coast.

“These are modern day situations,” stated Packel. “Our goal is that the listener will think this is practical advice that Polsinelli provided them so when an employee walks into HR with a challenge, the attendee is remembering ‘This is how the challenge was handled in Ruby.’” 

To hear a podcast about the webinars, click here.