July 19, 2013

From CBS News

The NCAA announced Wednesday that it will not renew its licensing contract with EA Sports, which expires next June. The 2014 edition of NCAA Football will be the last under its current name.

The relationship between the virtual college football players featured in the game and the real-life players upon which their EA Sports' counterparts appear to have been modeled is at the heart of the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit, which has since expanded into a class-action suit that could force athletics programs to split TV revenues with its players.

Orlando radio station WYGM interviewed Polsinelli attorney Mit Winter about the potential impact.  The interview aired on The Beat of Sports radio program.

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Mit Winter focuses his practice on commercial litigation, with considerable experience representing clients in intellectual property matters, complex and class action litigation, and sports law matters.

Mr. Winter's intellectual property practice focuses on trademark, copyright, and patent litigation before federal courts, where he has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in trademark infringement actions, trademark dilution and unfair competition actions, copyright infringement actions, and patent infringement actions. Mr. Winter has also represented plaintiffs and defendants in trademark opposition proceedings before the USPTO’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.