June 20, 2013

Money-for-Lunch Radio interviewed Phoenix Shareholder Melissa Ho about government investigations and your rights as a business owner.

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About Melissa Ho

Melissa Ho’s passion is to provide legal advice that helps to grow and protect businesses. She is trial attorney with a unique understanding of government regulations, intellectual property, and international business. A former prosecutor, she is sympathetic to the disruption and chaos a government inquiry and criminal investigation can cause. In defending criminal matters, Melissa successfully defends matters at both state and federal levels. She also makes appearances before state licensing boards, the Arizona Clemency Board, and the Arizona Corporation Commission. Skilled at internal investigations and high-profile matters, Melissa works effectively with the media to form rapid responses to sensitive matters and media inquiries. Her goal in every matter is to ensure that business continues with the least amount of disruption and that each individual gets not only an aggressive defense, but one that is understandable and comfortable for the client