September 7, 2011

Although he never heard of the Internet, and certainly never contemplated communication methods such Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, Voltaire could have been predicting the future use of social media when he said, “Common sense is not so common.” The increased use of social media as a primary means of communication by businesses and individuals (for both personal and professional reasons) reflects that just as it is true when people speak, many post without thinking.

Over the past few months, for example, a number of businesses have been faced with publicity (mostly negative) due to YouTube videos posted online by employees regarding, in some manner, the business of the employer. Similarly, business leaders who previously worried about water-cooler conversations or comments among customers over the phone, now face “real-time” proof of disparaging comments through blogging or posts on company “fan” pages.

Glickstein offers some common sense tips for business owners published in Thinking Bigger Business Magazine.

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Glickstein is a shareholder at Polsinelli Shughart where she represents management in employment litigation and advises her clients on employment and human resources matters. She can be reached at