May 6, 2013
Recently released, The Chief Restructuring Officer's Guide to Bankruptcy: Views from Leading Insolvency Professionals, is a new book that acts as a guide for chief restructuring officers, and others encountering a financial restructuring event, who are moving through the chapter 11 bankruptcy process. The book is a useful resource, or one-stop shop, for chief restructuring officers and others dealing with bankruptcy restructuring situations.

The Polsinelli law firm was instrumental in the drafting and editing of the book. Chris Ward, Vice Chair of the Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring Practice, noted, “It took a tremendous amount of time and effort, but we are very pleased with the outcome. I am confident that this will become a great comprehensive resource for bankruptcy professionals, corporate officers and directors, and journalists looking for a roadmap to walk them through the chapter 11 process.”

While Chris Ward was an author as well as the editor, Polsinelli attorneys Shanti Katona, Jarrett Vine, and Michael Tamburini were also authors. Several law firms and financial advisory firms participated in the drafting of the Guide. The American Bankruptcy Institute published the book.

“Our Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring Practice, since its inception nearly thirty years ago, has been a source of pride for our firm,” said James Bird, one of the co-founders of the practice and current Chair. “This only proves how far we have come as a national bankruptcy practice and how excited we are about the future of our group.”

The book is available through the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI in soft cover at this point in time. Copies of the book may be available upon request for media.