March 1, 2013
From The Kansas City Star

Polsinelli Shughart teamed up with Legal Aid of Western Missouri

The Kansas City Star reported on the partnership with Legal Aid of Western Missouri, Kansas City and numerous neighborhood associations, community development corporations and private developers to help rectify the issue of abandoned homes in Kansas City with out-of-state ownership. Polsinelli Shughart is providing legal counsel and together with Legal Aid filed suit under the state Abandoned Housing Act, and negotiated an agreement with the out-of-town investors to sell the Timbercreek Apartments to Kansas City-based Swope Community Builders for a minimal price. Now called Cameron Place, a 48-unit apartment building is under construction near the VA Medical Center.

"If there ever was an example of urban blight removal, this is it," Art Chaudry, chief operations officer for Swope Community Builders told The Kansas City Star. "We've very excited and pleased."

Polsinelli Shughart attorneys Dennis Palmer and Michael Cutler assisted with the pro bono legal services in the lawsuit to help make this happen.

The firm encourages all of its lawyers to handle pro bono cases. We partner with legal aid agencies in several offices. As a result, pro bono cases can be easily referred to us by them or obtained through other avenues.