December 14, 2011

 The Supreme Court announced it will be reviewing portions of SB 1070, Arizona's immigration law. The justices won’t be weighing the merits of SB 1070, but rather the merits of the lower federal court judge’s decision to block parts of it from being enforced pending a constitutional challenge from the Obama administration. The federal lawsuit, filed in early July of last year as SB 1070, asserts that immigration law is the domain of the federal government and that it pre-empts attempts by states to set their own immigration rules

12News in Phoenix interviewed Phoenix Managing Partner Ed Novak about the constitutional issues that will likely be explored by justices.

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About Ed Novak

Edward F. Novak practices in the area of white collar defense and government investigations. He has extensive jury, non-jury and appellate experience in criminal defense matters, complex civil litigation and government agency investigations in several areas including health care.