May 12, 2015
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Are You Following the Script?  
Consequences for Medical Professionals Who Fail to Check Pharmacy Registries

As the problem of prescription drug addiction has grown, states have responded with the creation of prescription registries controlled by pharmacy boards. Anyone prescribing medications (specifically doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners) is required to check these registries before prescribing certain drugs, but this step is often missed. If discovered, failure to closely monitor your patient could result in discipline up to the loss of your license to practice medicine.

Polsinelli shareholders Edward F. Novak and Melissa S. Ho discussed the advent of the pharmacy registry and its implications on the everyday working life of medical professionals.

  • Brief overview of pharmacy registries and their intended purpose
  • Required procedure in many states – are you compliant?
  • The potential consequences of failing to check the registries before reaching for the prescription pad
  • Additional best practices for avoiding liability – urine analysis, pill counts, etc.
  • Recommendations on sharing this information with others in your office
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