March 16, 2016
This webinar was previously recorded on March 16, 2016. To access the recorded presentation, please click here.

Fiduciary Duties Owed by Boards of Directors to Both Solvent and Insolvent Companies

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 | 12:00 PM (Central)

This webinar will focus on fiduciary duties owed by a board of directors to a company not only when the company is healthy, but also as the company heads towards insolvency. The panel will also discuss the current state of the zone of insolvency. The focus will be on Delaware corporations, but the panel will contrast how other jurisdictions address fiduciary duties, zone of insolvency, and deepening insolvency.

On the agenda:
  • Summary of Fiduciary Duties of a Board of Directors
  • Applicable Standards of Review for Transactions Under Delaware Law
  • The Origins of the Zone of Insolvency
  • Current Status of the Zone of Insolvency
  • Other Jurisdictions View on Fiduciary Duties, Zone of Insolvency, and Deepening Insolvency

  • Christopher Ward | Shareholder, Practice Co-Chair
  • James Bird | Shareholder, Practice Co-Chair
  • Todd Bartels | Shareholder
  • Robert Spake | Associate