October 20, 2016
This webinar was previously recorded on October 20, 2016. To access the recorded presentation, please click here.

The Intersection of Social Media, HIPAA, and the Workplace
October 20, 2016

Using social media in the workplace can enhance business operations by expanding communication, providing education, and improving services. Social Media, however, despite its advantages, can create potential risks to employees and employers. These risks are exacerbated in the healthcare space, as patient privacy concerns are paramount. This webinar will discuss social media and its appropriate use in the healthcare industry, navigate the interaction between freedom of speech, patient rights, and employment law, and provide information on how to draft and implement a workable and practical Social Media Policy

On our agenda:
  • Social Media Statistics
  • Benefits of Social Media in the Workplace
  • Potential Patient Privacy and Security Social Media Pitfalls, including Real World Examples
  • Employee Rights
  • Adopting a Social Media Policy
On our panel: