January 20, 2015

This webinar was previously recorded on January 20, 2015. To view the webinar, click here.

Life Cycle of an Employee:

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

Companies may differ in size, industry or business model. One thing that unites all employers, however, is the goal to recruit, train and retain a quality workforce while remaining compliant with all aspects of the law. The "life cycle" of an employee over the course of their tenure with a company includes other milestones beyond simply recruiting and training. What are these identifiable stages in the employee life cycle, and how can employers navigate through common obstacles to avoid the pitfalls of employment litigation?

Our first webinar in "Life Cycle" series, was moderated by shareholder Eric Packel, who was joined by panelists Chris Swenson, Erin Schilling and Rob Entin. Topics included:

  • Job Descriptions
  • Compensation Surveys
  • Internet Sourcing/Recruiters
  • Posting and Job Requisitions
  • Resume Screens


This webinar was originally held on January 20, 2015. For more information and to view the full invitation, click here.