October 21, 2015
The webinar was previously recorded on October 21, 2015.  To view the recording, please click here.

Managing Your Withdrawal Liability Risks:

What's Next for Employers Participating in Troubled Multiemployer Pension Funds?

In the wake of the Multiemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014 (the "MPRA"), companies that participate in multiemployer pension funds should take note of recent developments impacting their withdrawal liability risks and the collective bargaining strategies with their unions. Employers should also review their pension fund's latest financial information, which most plans have recently updated. This webinar provided an overview of how the post-MPRA landscape for troubled multiemployer pension plans has continued to evolve, as well as a handy "road map" for employers to use to better manage the many risks that come with participation in these funds.

Topics of discussion:
  • Introduction | "Road Map"
  • Refresher on key MPRA rules for underfunded multiemployer pension plans
  • Overview of IRS regulations and other agency guidance issued since the MPRA's enactment
  • Other recent developments with multiemployer pension funds impacting employers and their withdrawal liability risks
  • Next steps for troubled multiemployer pension funds
  • The updated financial information that employers should review now, and the additional information that employers should request from the funds
  • Collective bargaining strategies for employers to consider now, and in the future
  • Action items for employers to better manage their withdrawal liability risks
  • Wrap-Up and Questions