Bragg Hemme is a health care regulatory attorney focused on teaming up with clients in order to succeed in this complex and ever-changing federal and state regulatory environment.  Bragg draws on a wealth of experience and a solid understanding of the health care industry gained during her time as both external and internal counsel in order to offer health care providers and suppliers practical legal guidance in a way that mitigates compliance risk, while also allowing clients to effectively operationalize the advice and achieve their business goals. Her experience includes advising on difficult regulatory issues such as:
  • Medicare, Medicare Advantage,Medicaid and Medicaid managed care reimbursement, including, for example:
  • Coverage, billing and payment
  • Overpayments
  • Provider-based rules
  • Space sharing
  • Medicare Secondary Payor and Coordination of Benefits rules between various payors
  • Regulatory and reimbursement compliance  
  • State licensure
  • Medicare enrollment and certification
  • Diligence support related to regulatory and reimbursement issues arising from transactions, and post-transaction support to maintain revenue
  • Payor disputes and audit support 
  • Fraud and abuse 
She approaches each issue with a practical application unique to the client’s context and has a strong background working with numerous health care entities, including:
  • Hospitals, including their provider-based departments
  • Behavioral Health Organizations
  • Dialysis suppliers
  • Rural Healthcare and other safety net providers servicing underserved or health professional shortage areas, such as Critical Access Hospitals (“CAHs”), Rural Health Clinics (“RHCs”), and FQHCs/Look-Alikes
  • Physician Groups

Bragg also works with private equity firms in the health care space bringing her strong regulatory and reimbursement background in to support the success of their health care platform, whether the investment is short or long term. 

Bragg co-chairs Polsinelli's Reimbursement Institute, bringing Polsinelli industry-leaders together to navigate the most complex issues in the evolving reimbursement space.

Bragg also co-chairs Polsinelli's Behavioral Health practice area, bringing a unique and multi-disciplinary focus to providers in the behavioral health space. 

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