Businesses and individuals call on Brendan McPherson to solve complex financial problems. Whether it is in real estate, bankruptcy, or business, Brendan utilizes his financial background and tenacious personality to efficiently guide clients through their dilemmas.

When problems require judicial intervention, clients benefit from Brendan’s significant trial experience in bankruptcy, federal, and state courts. Brendan has experience in:
  • Resolving real estate disputes related to leasing, acquisitions, dispositions, developments, zoning and land-use, and property losses
  • Analyzing, negotiating, and litigating preference, fraudulent transfer, and related claims in and out of bankruptcy
  • Litigating financial issues related to the theories of successor liability, alter ego, joint venture, re-characterization of debt to equity, and consumer protection acts

Brendan contributes to his practice areas by frequently publishing feature articles on fraud and bankruptcy and serving in leadership roles with the American Bankruptcy Institute. He also dedicates a significant portion of his practice to providing pro bono services to nonprofit organizations and indigent individuals, including managing the firm's role as counsel to the Key Coalition Neighborhood of Kansas City.
  • Recovered more than $7 million for the benefit of unsecured creditors of Interstate Bakeries Corporation (Hostess) by litigating 220 preference claims arising from its 2004 chapter 11 bankruptcy, including several bench trials and appeals
  • Defended numerous insurance agents, brokers, and carriers against millions of dollars of preference, fraudulent transfer, and related claims brought by the chapter 7 trustee of the Brooke Insurance estates
  • Obtained a dismissal of a Fortune 1,000 financial services corporation on claims of successor liability and veil-piercing
  • Successfully resolved a claim of an industrial development authority in the chapter 11 bankruptcy of ASARCO
  • Assisted in the resolution of a catastrophic injury case where the primary issue was whether a farming corporation was part of a joint venture with a quarry
  • Assisted in the recovery of an $853,000 judgment related to the breach of a real estate contract, and subsequent fraudulent transfer actions
  • Negotiated a settlement and short sale to relieve individuals from secured debts incurred after they were fraudulently induced into buying land for investment purposes
  • Negotiated a multi-tiered settlement between a real estate developer and silent partner where the primary issue was whether a loan should be recharacterized to an equity investment
  • Obtained a dismissal of a Fortune 500 corporation related to claims of fraud and the Kansas Consumer Protection Act
  • Recovered property losses on behalf of two separate pro bono church clients
  • Negotiated and documented leases on behalf of multiple pro bono clients
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Co-Author, ABI Journal
April 2017
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November 16, 2016
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August 16, 2016
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American Bankruptcy Institute Journal
Article co-authored by Paul D. Sinclair and Brendan L. McPherson
April 2016
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December 2, 2015
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Bankruptcy Litigation 101: Litigating Preferences and Fraudulent Transfers
Presented to the National Business Institute (NBI)
August 2014
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January 7, 2014
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KC Counselor
November 2013
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Impact of Bankruptcy of Real Estate and Title Insurance
Presented to The National Business Institute (NBI)
May 2013
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Newcomer's Perspective on the Practice of Law
November 2012