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  • Education
    • J.D., cum laude, Western State College of Law at Argosy University, 1988, Law Review contributor
    • B.S., cum laude, Western State College of Law at Argosy University, 1987, Law
    • Certificate, Certified Professional Medical Service Management
Erin Muellenberg brings a strong skillset to her exclusive practice of medical staff law. As a former director of medical staff services in a large community-based hospital, she is intimately familiar with the daily operations of the medical staff organization and its governance process. Erin’s practice focuses on advising hospitals, health systems, critical access hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and medical groups on the regulatory, compliance, and practical requirements of credentialing, peer review, disciplinary matters and for interfacing the medical staff and allied health professional staff with hospital operations.

Erin’s representative work includes: 
  • Development of model bylaws and a fair hearing plan for a large hospital system that includes mediation, arbitration and dedicated hearing panels
  • Organized large multi-state provider group into peer review body and established bylaws, policies, rules and regulations related to credentialing, peer review and self-governance
  • Established sharing agreements between medical group and hospital  and within multi-hospital system
  • Developed bylaws and governance documents for multi-hospital unified medical staff
  • Litigated multiple medical staff hearings, governing board appellate hearings and associated writs of mandamus
  • Develop and assist with implementation of individual provider remediation plans, behavior contracts and performance improvement plans
  • Advise and assist with management and self-disclosure of medical staff compliance matters
  • Support and strengthen Well-Being Committee and provider resilience processes
  • Assist and advise on combining separate facility medical staffs
  • Code of conduct, general and department specific rules and regulations, and policies and procedure development, review and revision
  • Develop and advise on processes for strengthening credentialing, peer review and information sharing
  • Manage and advise on disciplinary processes for employed providers
  • Development of general and facility specific medical staff leadership education and orientation programs

Erin has significant experience with assisting health systems with the due diligence associated with acquisitions. Specifically, this includes:

  • Evaluation and risk assessment of proposed acquisition’s organized  medical staff, including high profile peer review and disciplinary matters
  • Revision of medical staff bylaws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures consistent with new structure
  • Unification or standardization of medical staffs between multiple hospitals
Erin frequently writes and lectures on a variety of health law topics, including credentials, peer review, compliance, provider health and well-being, risk management, and the medical staff fair hearing process. She is also an active member of the California and National Association of Medical Staff Services, California Society for Healthcare Attorneys, and American Health Lawyers Association.
  • Represented Medical Executive Committee ("MEC") in contentious hearing with a dedicated hearing panel that was able to be completed within two weeks. Finding for the MEC and upheld on appeal. 
  • Successfully represented hospital in identification and self-disclosure of multiple missing attestation forms, saving approximately $4 million. 
  • Successfully negotiated a resolution and exit strategy for disruptive provider with state and federal reporting. 
  • Successfully managed a senior physician through the well-being process and assisted hospital in development of late career practitioner policy. Reached settlement and resolution of contentious hearing through mediation. 
  • Advised and assisted a governing board in understanding and accepting the recommended provider termination action. 
  • Assisted a large medical group in becoming an organized peer review body and developing corresponding governance structure and fair hearing plan.
  • Developed corrective action and hearing procedures for peer review bodies which included mediation, alternative dispute resolution and dedicated hearing panel clauses.
  • Established peer review sharing arrangements between acute care hospitals and clinics, foundations and medical groups. 
  • Unified medical staffs of hospitals within same system and completed unified governance documents and sharing arrangements.
  • Established chief’s table for sister hospital.
  • Established and provided external peer review services to multiple hospitals and health systems throughout the country; negotiating to successful resolution physician disciplinary matters.
  • Assisted medical staffs and hospitals in understanding and implementing disaster privileging.
  • Worked with ethics committees to establish scare allocation resource policies.
  • Litigated multiple medical staff hearings, governing board appellate hearings and wrote and responded to associated writs of mandamus.
  • Successfully guided an all physician Board to develop and implement a strategic plan and recruitment and retention program that has improved care and increased profits.