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D 816.364.2117
F 816.279.3977
  • Education
    • J.D., University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law, 1977
    • A.B., University of Missouri-Columbia, 1974

With his experience serving as an appellate judge for more than a decade and having authored hundreds of appellate opinions touching upon every aspect of the law, Judge Edwin H. Smith is widely considered one of the foremost appellate experts in Missouri.

Appellate practice is unique and requires a certain and specific skill set in order to give a client the best possible chance of prevailing on appeal, which is experience that accomplished litigators do not necessarily possess. Given his background, Edwin has that necessary appellate experience and those necessary skills.

He is also recognized for his experience in commercial litigation, having written numerous appellate opinions dealing with the various aspects of commercial litigation, both substantively and procedurally, and having been a circuit judge for almost two decades presiding over such cases. In addition, Edwin’s experience gives him a perspective of and credibility with judges that other attorneys simply do not possess. His experience in commercial litigation and his credibility with judges work to give his clients a unique advantage in their commercial litigation cases.

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