Having acted as counsel on more than 500 issues totaling over $40 billion, Janet Zeigler understands the intricacies associated with nonprofit finance. Since the start of her career in 1991, Janet’s practice has focused on tax-exempt financing transactions for 501(c)(3) organizations, including health care, long-term care, cultural, and educational facilities. Janet also counsels clients in connection with the negotiation of bank credit agreements and swap agreements, and provides advice for post-issuance compliance with federal securities laws and federal tax laws relating to tax exempt bonds, including secondary market disclosure, Internal Revenue Service audits, remedial actions for changes in use of bond-financed facilities, and information reporting for the Internal Revenue Service Form 990, Schedule K.

  • Over the past ten years, served as borrower’s counsel for numerous nonprofit clients in bond transactions totaling more than $20 billion in aggregate par, including a $1.2 billion transaction that was the inaugural financing of a new combined credit group for a multi-state health care system, which was named the 2018 Bond Buyer Healthcare Deal of the Year,. This transaction included 10 different series of taxable and tax-exempt publicly-offered debt (including fixed rate bonds, put bonds, and floating rate notes), for over 20 health care facilities, and also included the renegotiation of existing bank agreements and swap agreements.
  • Served as bond counsel on the 2019 Bond Buyer Deal of the Year, which included more than $6.4 billion of taxable and tax-exempt publicly offered bonds through multiple issuers for over 100 health care facilities located in over 20 different jurisdictions, and involved the restructuring of nearly 50 series of existing debt.
  • Served as underwriter’s counsel for nonprofit clients for multiple bond transactions totaling more than $6 billion in aggregate par.