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  • Education
    • J.D., University of Colorado Law School, 2012, Animal Law Society, Women's Law Caucus
    • B.A., University of Colorado-Boulder, 2009, Economics; Molecular, Cellular, and Development Biology; Minor in Political Science
Rachel Rice protects clients’ intellectual property at all stages of the corporate life cycle. She counsels start-ups, entrepreneurs, private equity funds, technology companies, and international organizations on a diversity of needs, including:
  • Due diligence and contracts drafting, representing both the buy and sell side in a wide variety of transactions ranging up to $300 million
  • Post-closing work to cleanly finalize complex transactions
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements, including licensing and technology transactions, supplier and distributor, software and patent assignment
  • Trademark prosecution, enforcement, and portfolio management, both domestic and international 
  • Regulatory compliance counsel

Rachel enjoys examining complex legal issues from all sides, and connecting with in-house counsel as a partner in their business goals. A creative legal thinker, Rachel has also handled matters outside the bounds of traditional intellectual property work, including counterfeit imports issues requiring collaboration with the Customs Department and representation of an internationally recognized artist with significant social media presence, which involved drafting operating and merchandise agreements, enforcing copyrights and trademarks, and review of publishing and reality television contracts.
  • Assisted with intellectual property terms and due diligence in connection with a $300 million dollar merger. 
  • Represented a venture fund in the investment of multiple natural foods start-ups. Work included intellectual property due diligence, drafting of ancillary agreements, and clean-up work post-closing. Represented all investment companies post-closing with regard to intellectual property and privacy matters. Negotiated and drafted various agreements on behalf of the investment companies, including distribution and food co-packing agreements. 
  • Counsel to mid-size tech company that produces scientific equipment. Drafted and negotiated domestic and international distributor and reseller agreements. Drafted end-user license agreement and managed trademark portfolio. Advised and negotiated various technology agreements with Japanese parent-company. 
  • Represented a public horticulture company with purchase of patented technology from a venture-backed start-up. Work included due diligence, drafting and negotiations of supplier and distributor agreements, and negotiations related to patent assignment. 
  • Counsel to a venture-funded start-up that creates children’s educational apps. Substantial work for client involving complex navigation of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA), as the client’s apps collected a variety of personally identifiable information from minors. Developed client-specific protocols to address the type of notice required depending on information that was collected. Drafted COPPA-specific Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and service agreements between client and schools to address privacy concerns. 
  • Negotiated software agreement between client, a website developer/host in the FinTech space, and a credit union. Key terms focused on each party's obligations regarding data breach, privacy and security measures, and compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Privacy Act of 1999. 
  • Counsel to a mid-size tech company in the agricultural space. Performed intellectual property audit, advised on international trademark matters, assisted with corporate clean-up during conversion, drafted various intellectual property agreements, reviewed and/or revised on all templates for commercial transactions, and managed all intellectual property matters related to merger with venture-back entity. 
  • Counsel to a well-known marketing and advertising firm. Revised client’s service agreements with clients and vendors to recognize CAN-SPAM obligations and to shift liability of the same whenever possible.  
  • Counsel to a foreign company in the travel and hospitality industry. Advised on intellectual property matters relevant to expansion into the U.S., such as considerations in the context of executive level employment agreements, and managed pursuit of domestic trademarks. 
  • Counsel to acquirer of internationally recognized student travel company in the context of a hostile acquisition. Post sale, represented company in connection with trademark and copyright matters.