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D 816.374.0575
F 816.817.0263
  • Education
    • J.D., Georgetown University, 1975
    • B.A., University of Pennsylvania, 1972

Bill Quirk’s more than 30 years of appellate practice has helped him identify critical issues and argue them simply and clearly to appellate judges. Bill and the firm's appellate practice group, which he chairs, work with clients and trial lawyers to fashion winning arguments and carefully crafted briefs, whether challenging an adverse judgment, preserving a hard-fought trial victory, or working on dispositive trial court motions in complex cases. Bill's practice centers on appeals and critical trial motions in Missouri and Kansas state and federal courts, although he has briefed and argued cases across the nation. He is experienced in amicus curiae briefing, extraordinary writ practice, and seeking to obtain or oppose discretionary appellate review beyond the intermediate appellate level.

  • JF Enterprises v. American Suzuki Motor Corp. (Missouri Court of Appeals 2013). Retained by defendant as co-counsel for post-judgment proceedings and appeal after adverse $20 million jury verdict. Trial court set aside verdict and granted motion for new trial; case settled on plaintiff’s appeal.
  • In re Western States Wholesale Natural Gas Antitrust Litigation (United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit 2013). Successfully obtained reversal of adverse summary judgment in antitrust price-fixing case. Reported at 715 F.3d 716.
  • Cohorst v. Nissan North America, Inc. (Missouri Supreme Court 2012). Post-judgment proceedings and appeal from adverse $7.1 million jury verdict. Trial court set aside punitive damages and case settled immediately before Supreme Court oral argument.
  • Holmes v. Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners (Missouri Court of Appeals 2012).  Retained by defendant after adverse $6.5 million jury verdict. Court of Appeals reversed $6 million of verdict and entered judgment for defendant. Reported at 364 S.W.3d 615.
  • Monsanto Co. v. Conoco Phillips (Missouri Court of Appeals 2011). Retained after adverse $7.6 million jury verdict. Case settled after opening brief filed on appeal.
  • Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Ass’n v. Gannett Co. Inc. (United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit 2011).  Submitted brief on behalf of amicus curiae, supporting trial court judgment. Judgment affirmed. Reported at 658 F.3d 614.
  • Coffer v. Wasson-Hunt (Missouri Supreme Court en banc 2009). Retained after adverse court of appeals opinion. Successfully obtained transfer and reversal of circuit court opinion, thereby reinstating client’s decision to terminate employee.  Reported at 281 S.W.3d 308.
  • Skaggs v. City of Kansas City, Missouri (Missouri Court of Appeals 2008).  Successfully represented majority of city council in opposing effort to terminate city manager’s contract. Reported at 264 S.W.3d 694.
  • State ex rel. Parsons v. Board of Police Commissioners (Missouri Court of Appeals 2007).  Successfully represented respondent in extraordinary writ proceeding challenging its internal personnel policies. Appeal dismissed. Reported at 345 S.W.3d 851.
  • Doran v. Eckold (United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit en banc 2005). Retained by appellant after unsuccessful trial and appeal from $2 million adverse judgment. Obtained rehearing en banc and presented en banc oral argument. Judgment reversed and judgment directed for client in 8-4 opinion; certiorari denied. Reported at 409 F.3d 258.
  • Vaughters v. Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City (Missouri Court of Appeals 2004). Represented defendant-appellant in appeal from judgment in excess of $5 million in breach of contract and breach of fiduciary relationship suit. Court reversed $2.5 million punitive damages award. Case settled and opinion withdrawn.
  • H&R Block v. America Online, Inc., (Missouri Court of Appeals 2004). Successfully represented respondent in briefing on appeal. $20 million verdict affirmed in full. Reported at 148 S.W.3d 878.
  • Doebele v. Sprint Communications (10th Circuit 2003). Represented in effort to keep summary judgment in employment discrimination case where plaintiff argued disputed facts instead required a trial. Judgment affirmed in part and reversed in part. Reported at 342 F.3d 1117.
  • Jenkins v. KLT (United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit 2002). Represented appellee corporation in appeal from breach of employment contract judgment in its favor. Judgment affirmed. Reported at 308 F.3d 850.
  • Transit Casualty Co. v. Selective Ins. Co. (United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit 1998). Represented appellant reinsurer against an insolvent insurance company in a reinsurance contract dispute. Judgment reversed in part, allowing the client to take claimed offsets against the insolvent insurer. Reported at 137 F.3d 540.
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