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name title v-card office
James R. Asmussen Shareholder vcard Chicago
Scott A. Berdan Shareholder vcard Denver
James E. Bird Senior Partner | Practice Vice Chair vcard Kansas City
Michael A. Campbell Shareholder | Practice Co-Chair vcard St. Louis
Cecelia K. Carroll Associate vcard St. Louis
Noel S. Cohen Office Managing Partner | Practice Vice Chair vcard Los Angeles
Dan E. Cranshaw Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Dennis J. Dobbels Shareholder | Practice Co-Chair vcard Kansas City
Kathryn J. Doty Shareholder | Intellectual Property Division Chair vcard St. Louis
Jennifer J. Eng Associate vcard Kansas City
Christopher E. Erker Shareholder vcard St. Louis
Jeffrey E. Fine Shareholder vcard St. Louis
Edward E. Frizell Technology Division Chair vcard Kansas City
Michael M. Gaba Shareholder | FDA Practice Vice Chair vcard Washington, D.C.
Kathy A. Hardee Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Gabrielle Ilaria Associate vcard Kansas City
Kirra N. Jones Associate vcard Los Angeles
J. Morgan Kirley Shareholder | Practice Vice Chair vcard Chicago
Paul G. Klug Shareholder vcard St. Louis
Jason W. Lee Shareholder vcard Kansas City
John P. McNearney Shareholder vcard St. Louis
Eric E. Packel Shareholder | Practice Chair vcard Kansas City
Stuart M. Pape Shareholder | Practice Chair vcard Washington, D.C.
James A. Polsinelli Retired Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Andrea M. Porterfield Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Erin T. Putnam-Miller Associate vcard St. Louis
Erica L. (Beacom) Reagan Associate vcard Washington, D.C.
Rebecca C. Riley-Vargas, Ph.D. Shareholder vcard Chicago
Michael D. Rosenthal Shareholder vcard Chicago
Donald L. Samuels Principal | Practice Chair vcard DenverLos Angeles
Lisa M. Schultes Senior Partner vcard Kansas City
Christopher P. Simpson Shareholder vcard Kansas CityBoston
Frank T. Spano Shareholder vcard New York
Anne D. Spiggle Of Counsel vcard Washington, D.C.
Alan D. Wheat Senior Policy Advisor | Practice Chair vcard Washington, D.C.
Michael A. Williamson Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Patrick C. Woolley Chair, Intellectual Property Department vcard Kansas City