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name title v-card office
Edward T. Laborde Shareholder vcard Houston
Douglas S. Laird General Counsel vcard Kansas City
Tessa M. Lancaster Associate vcard Chicago
Joshua J. Langlois Associate vcard Kansas City
Joseph P. Langston Shareholder vcard Kansas City
JR Lanis Shareholder vcard PhoenixLos Angeles
Dayna C. LaPlante Associate vcard Chicago
Melissa A. Latini Associate vcard Denver
Matthew S. Layfield Shareholder vcard St. Louis
Vernon (JR) R. Leach, Jr. Associate vcard Chicago
Darren A. Lee Associate vcard Phoenix
Jason W. Lee Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Jessica Lee Associate vcard Chicago
Lacy R. Lee Attorney vcard Atlanta
M. Kevin Lee Associate vcard Kansas City
Sunwoo Lee, Ph.D. Shareholder vcard Washington, D.C.
Kendra E. Leghart Associate vcard Los Angeles
Marc B. Leh Principal vcard Los AngelesSan Francisco
Gregory M. Leitner Office Managing Partner vcard AtlantaChattanooga
Christian M. Lek Associate vcard Los Angeles
Steven J. LePorin Associate vcard New York
Aaron M. Levine Shareholder vcard Houston
Robb D. Levine Associate vcard Seattle
Gabriel Levinson Shareholder | Real Estate Litigation Group Chair vcard New York
Adam Lewis Shareholder vcard Denver
Rodney L. Lewis Shareholder vcard Chicago
Arriènne (Angel) M. Lezak Principal vcard Washington, D.C.Silicon Valley
Justin T. Liby Shareholder vcard Kansas City
D. Scott Lindstrom Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Rebecca M. Lindstrom Shareholder vcard Chicago
Matthew P.F. Linnabary Associate vcard Kansas City
Lisa Lippert, Ph.D. Patent Agent vcard Seattle
Stephanie F. Lipscomb Associate vcard Washington, D.C.
Laura Little Associate vcard Atlanta
Liz Li Liu Associate vcard New York
Jillian A. Loh Associate vcard Dallas
Keith H. Londo Shareholder | Real Estate Practice Vice Chair vcard Chicago
Cynthia Lowery-Graber Shareholder vcard Denver
Jason T. Lundy Shareholder vcard Chicago
Eric E. Lynch Shareholder vcard Phoenix