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name title v-card office
Ross E. Sallade Shareholder vcard Raleigh
Donald L. Samuels Principal | Practice Chair vcard DenverLos AngelesSan Francisco
Jason S. Samuels Shareholder vcard New York
Lauryn A. Sanders Associate vcard Houston
William J. Sanders Shareholder | Tax Practice Chair | Firm Treasurer vcard Kansas CityPhoenix
Rafael A. Santos-Hernández Shareholder vcard New York
Matthew Savage Trade Analyst vcard Dallas
Anna K. Schall Attorney vcard Kansas City
Dov H. Scherzer Shareholder vcard New York
Erin D. Schilling Shareholder vcard Kansas City
John S. Schmidt Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Bailie A. Schnackenberg Associate vcard Kansas City
Gustavo E. Schneider Shareholder vcard Phoenix
Evan M. Schrode Associate vcard Atlanta
Emma R. Schuering Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Andrew O. Schulte Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Lisa M. Schultes Senior Partner vcard Kansas City
David K. Schultz Principal vcard Los Angeles
Michelle Schulz Shareholder | International Trade and Customs Chair vcard Dallas
Erica R. Seaborne Manager of Strategic Philanthropy vcard New York
Elise S. Seale Associate vcard Nashville
Timothy J. Sear Senior Partner vcard Kansas City
Brian A. Seidenberg Associate vcard Miami
Robert J. Selsor Shareholder vcard St. Louis
Neal D. Shah Shareholder vcard Chicago
Luke T. Shannon Shareholder vcard Chicago
Anthony (Tony) J. Shapiro Associate vcard Chicago
Joseph C. Sharp Shareholder vcard AtlantaChattanooga
Charles P. Sheets Shareholder vcard Chicago
Dmitry Shifrin Shareholder vcard Chicago
Stacey Shim Associate vcard Los Angeles
Michael Shomo Shareholder vcard Denver
Julie E. Shroyer, MSW Senior Policy Advisor vcard Washington, D.C.
Kayleigh S. Shuler Associate vcard Kansas City
William J. Shull Associate vcard Kansas City
Chase Simmons Chairman & Chief Executive Officer vcard Kansas City
Kimberly N. Simmons Associate vcard Washington, D.C.
Amber Simon Associate vcard Kansas City
Anna Dudenhoeffer Simpson Associate vcard Kansas CityBoston
Christopher P. Simpson Shareholder vcard Kansas CityBoston
Megan N. Slavik Associate vcard Denver
Daniel P. Slawski, Jr. Associate vcard St. Louis
Adam W. Smith Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Caitlin A. Smith Associate vcard Washington, D.C.
Jeffrey H. Smith Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Katherine H. Smith Associate vcard Atlanta
Kevin M. Smith Associate vcard St. Louis
Matthew J. Smith Shareholder vcard St. Louis
Andrew J. Smolik Shareholder vcard St. Louis
LaTasha (Tasha) M. Snipes Counsel vcard Houston