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name title v-card office
Thomas H. Wagner Shareholder vcard Denver
Peter F. Waltz Counsel vcard Denver
Caryn Wang Associate vcard Atlanta
Christopher A. Ward Shareholder | Practice Chair vcard Wilmington
J. Alan Warfield Of Counsel vcard Los Angeles
E. Tanner Warnick Associate vcard Phoenix
Elizabeth A. Warren Associate vcard St. Louis
Michael J. Waters Shareholder vcard Chicago
Justin R. Watkins Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Scott D. Watkins Shareholder vcard Washington, D.C.
Craig M. Waugh Shareholder vcard Phoenix
Michael Wazlawek Shareholder vcard St. Louis
Andrew Z. Weaver Shareholder vcard Houston
Lindsi M. Weber Shareholder vcard Phoenix
Tanner L. Weigel Associate vcard Kansas City
Tyler L. Weigel Associate vcard Kansas City
Nathaniel 'Tani' Weiner Shareholder vcard San FranciscoLos Angeles
Adam S. Weiss Shareholder | Practice Chair vcard Chicago
Lisa A. Weixelman Senior Partner vcard Kansas City
Mark W. Weller Shareholder vcard Washington, D.C.
W. Russell Welsh Chairman & Chief Executive Officer vcard Kansas City
Robert W. Wenner Associate vcard Denver
Bryan M. Westhoff Shareholder vcard Chicago
Michael H. Wetmore Shareholder vcard St. Louis
Alan D. Wheat Senior Policy Advisor | Practice Chair vcard Washington, D.C.
Llynn K. White Shareholder vcard St. Louis
Jason A. Wietjes Shareholder vcard DallasHouston
Andrew M. Wilcox Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Douglas Wiley Shareholder vcard Phoenix
Lon R. Williams Of Counsel vcard Dallas
Michael A. Williamson Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Walter A. I. Wilson Senior Partner | Practice Vice Chair vcard Washington, D.C.
Mit S. Winter Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Alan C. Witte Senior Partner vcard St. Louis
Jacek M. Wnuk Associate vcard San Francisco
Brian A. Wolf Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Brisa Izaguirre Wolfe Associate vcard Kansas City
Stephanie A. Wolters EEO Compliance Analyst vcard Kansas City
Richard W. Wood Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Spencer R. Wood Shareholder vcard Chicago
Mark R. Woodbury Shareholder vcard St. Joseph
John T. Woodruff Shareholder vcard Houston
Patrick C. Woolley Chair, Intellectual Property Department vcard Kansas City
Maren B. Worley Associate vcard Kansas City
Timothy A. Worrall, Ph.D. Shareholder | Practice Chair vcard DenverSan Francisco
James J. Wotruba Shareholder vcard St. Louis
Seth C Wright Shareholder vcard St. Joseph
Steven G. Wright Senior Partner vcard Denver
Eric S. Wu Shareholder vcard Kansas CityWashington, D.C.
Susan M. Wylie Shareholder vcard Kansas City