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name title v-card office
Shelton W. Austin Principal vcard San FranciscoLos Angeles
Mitsi A. Blount, Ph.D. Scientist vcard Kansas City
Corey M. Casey Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Kory D. Christensen Principal vcard San FranciscoDenver
Rhiannon I. D'Agostin Shareholder vcard Denver
Ryan P. Davis Principal vcard San Francisco
Elton F. Dean III Shareholder vcard St. Louis
Kathryn J. Doty Shareholder | Intellectual Property Division Chair vcard St. Louis
Gregory P. Durbin Shareholder | Practice Chair vcard Denver
Ron Galant, Ph.D. Shareholder vcard Chicago
Melissa M. Harwood, Ph.D. Shareholder vcard Seattle
S. Wade Johnson Shareholder vcard Denver
J. Morgan Kirley Shareholder | Practice Vice Chair vcard Chicago
Sunwoo Lee, Ph.D. Shareholder vcard Washington, D.C.
Arriènne (Angel) M. Lezak Principal vcard Washington, D.C.Silicon Valley
Michelle L. McMullen, Ph.D. Shareholder vcard Chicago
Babak Monajemi Associate vcard Washington, D.C.
Tara A. Nealey, Ph.D. Shareholder | Practice Chair vcard St. Louis
Tam Thanh Pham Principal vcard San Francisco
Andrea M. Porterfield Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Adam C. Rehm Shareholder vcard Kansas CityDallas
Rachel A. Rice Associate vcard Denver
Brett J. Roberts Patent Agent vcard Kansas City
John P. Snow Shareholder vcard Chicago
Andrew M. Solomon Of Counsel vcard St. Louis
James M. Stipek Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Milan M. Vinnola Shareholder vcard Denver
Adam S. Weiss Shareholder | Practice Chair vcard Chicago
Michael A. Williamson Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Patrick C. Woolley Chair, Intellectual Property Department vcard Kansas City
Timothy A. Worrall, Ph.D. Principal vcard DenverSan Francisco