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name title v-card office
Sherri T. Alexander Shareholder | Practice Vice Chair vcard Dallas
Jessica M. Andrade Shareholder vcard Seattle
Alexis L. Angell Shareholder vcard Dallas
Joshua D. Arters Associate vcard Nashville
Mary Clare Bonaccorsi Office Managing Partner - Chicago | Department Chair vcard Chicago
P. John "Jack" Brady Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Claire E. Brennan Associate vcard Chicago
Jonathan F. Buck Principal vcard Los Angeles
R. Ross Burris, III Shareholder vcard Atlanta
Jason L. Bush Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Adam D. Chilton Associate vcard Dallas
Jonathon E. Cohn Principal vcard Los Angeles
Lauren P. DeSantis-Then Shareholder vcard St. LouisWashington, D.C.
N. Adam Dietrich II Associate vcard Nashville
Meredith A. Duncan Shareholder vcard Chicago
Andrew J. Ennis Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Noam B. Fischman Shareholder vcard Washington, D.C.
Amy D. Fitts Shareholder vcard Kansas City
T. Jeffrey Fitzgerald Shareholder vcard Denver
Samantha M. Flener Associate vcard Nashville
Asher D. Funk Shareholder vcard Chicago
Grant R. Gendron Associate vcard Washington, D.C.
Michael B. George Of Counsel vcard Kansas City
Meri B. Gordon Of Counsel vcard Nashville
Catherine A. Green Associate vcard Kansas City
Melissa S. Ho Shareholder | Practice Vice Chair vcard Phoenix
Nora Y. Kaprielian Associate vcard Los Angeles
G. Phillip Kim Associate vcard Atlanta
David A. King Shareholder vcard Nashville
Kasey A. Klenda Attorney vcard Kansas City
Thomas G. Kokoruda Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Catherine (Cat) Kozlowski Counsel vcard SeattleLos Angeles
Dayna C. LaPlante Associate vcard Chicago
Lacy R. Lee Associate vcard Atlanta
Rebecca M. Lindstrom Associate vcard Chicago
Jason T. Lundy Shareholder vcard Chicago
Joshua M. McCaig Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Ryan J. McCarty Shareholder vcard St. Louis
Brian F. McEvoy Office Managing Partner | Practice Chair vcard Atlanta
C. Ryan Morgan Associate vcard Denver
Erin L. Muellenberg Principal vcard Los Angeles
Matthew J. Murer Shareholder | Health Care Department Chair vcard Chicago
Richard M. Murray Shareholder vcard Denver
Edward F. Novak Shareholder vcard Phoenix
Ellen H. Persons Shareholder vcard Atlanta
Anthony C. Porcelli Shareholder vcard Chicago
Brian T. Rafferty Shareholder vcard AtlantaNew York
Blake H. Reeves Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Daniel S. Reinberg Shareholder vcard Chicago
Luke Salyers Associate vcard Nashville