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name title v-card office
Shelton W. Austin Counsel vcard Silicon ValleyLos Angeles
Stuart W. Babcock Scientist vcard Boston
Amanda Y. Baker Counsel vcard Washington, D.C.
John R. Bednarz Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Joanna Y. Chen Associate vcard San Francisco
Kory D. Christensen Principal vcard San Francisco
Alfred Y. Chu Counsel vcard San Francisco
Adam P. Daniels Associate vcard Los Angeles
Ryan P. Davis Associate vcard San Francisco
Elton F. Dean III Shareholder vcard St. Louis
Derek D. Donahoe Of Counsel vcard Denver
Gregory P. Durbin Shareholder | Practice Chair vcard Denver
Barrington E. Dyer Principal vcard San FranciscoSilicon Valley
Taryn A. Elliott Shareholder vcard Denver
Timothy D. Fontes Associate vcard Phoenix
Matthew R. Frontz Shareholder vcard Houston
Eric R. Garcia Of Counsel vcard Los Angeles
Rebecca A. Hammer Scientist vcard Phoenix
Therese A. Hendricks Shareholder vcard Boston
Chris L. Holm Senior Partner vcard Los Angeles
Thomas M. Isaacson Shareholder vcard Washington, D.C.
Stephanie J. Jenks Associate vcard Washington, D.C.
Jose J. Jimenez Associate vcard New York
S. Wade Johnson Shareholder vcard Denver
Micah S. Kesselman Associate vcard Boston
Allison N. Krepel Associate vcard St. Louis
Shankar Krithivasan Counsel vcard Washington, D.C.
Katherine D. Lee Counsel vcard Seattle
Sunwoo Lee, Ph.D. Of Counsel vcard Washington, D.C.
Christian M. Lek Associate vcard Los Angeles
Arriènne (Angel) M. Lezak Principal vcard Washington, D.C.Silicon Valley
Lirong (Leo) Lin Associate vcard Washington, D.C.
Roy J. Lin Counsel vcard San Francisco
Benjamin B. Matthew Principal vcard Silicon Valley
Brian K. McKnight Principal vcard Washington, D.C.San Francisco
David R. Mika Associate vcard Denver
Babak Monajemi Associate vcard Washington, D.C.
James P. Murphy Shareholder vcard Houston
Ryan M. Murphy Shareholder vcard Washington, D.C.
Duy Nguyen Counsel vcard Silicon Valley
Shaleez E. Ozlat Associate vcard Houston
Emily C. Peyser Shareholder vcard Seattle
Tam Thanh Pham Principal vcard San Francisco
Joshua J. Pranckun Associate vcard Denver
Robert Rapp Patent Agent vcard San Francisco
Adam C. Rehm Shareholder vcard Kansas CityDallas
Juan I. Rossi Associate vcard Washington, D.C.
Jonathan R. Spivey Shareholder vcard Houston
James M. Stipek Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Stephanie T. Vu Associate vcard Denver