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name title v-card office
Randal S. Alexander Shareholder vcard Chicago
Brian N. Anderson Counsel vcard Chicago
Helena Berezowskyj Associate vcard Denver
Mitsi A. Blount, Ph.D. Scientist vcard Kansas City
Kory D. Christensen Principal vcard San FranciscoDenver
John C. Cleary Shareholder vcard New York
Adam P. Daniels Principal vcard Los Angeles
Mark T. Deming Shareholder | Practice Vice Chair vcard Chicago
Darren E. Donnelly Principal vcard Silicon ValleySan Francisco
Tracy W. Druce Office Managing Partner vcard Houston
Michael P. Dulin Shareholder vcard Denver
Barrington E. Dyer Principal vcard San FranciscoSilicon Valley
Eric R. Garcia Principal vcard Los Angeles
Thomas L. Gemmell Shareholder vcard Chicago
Taras A. Gracey Of Counsel vcard Chicago
Jay Guiliano Shareholder vcard Washington, D.C.
Philip G. Hampton, II Senior Partner | Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer vcard Washington, D.C.
Jay E. Heidrick Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Gary E. Hood Shareholder | Intellectual Property Division Chair vcard SeattleChicago
Russell S. Jones Jr. Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Stephen J. Kraftschik Of Counsel vcard Wilmington
Sunwoo Lee, Ph.D. Shareholder vcard Washington, D.C.
Fabio E. Marino Office Managing Partner | Practice Chair vcard Silicon ValleySan Francisco
Joshua M. McCaig Shareholder vcard Kansas City
Ryan M. Murphy Shareholder vcard Washington, D.C.
Teri H.P. Nguyen Principal vcard Silicon ValleySan Francisco
Enes Ovcina Associate vcard Houston
Michael D. Pegues Shareholder | Practice Vice Chair vcard DallasHouston
Tam Thanh Pham Principal vcard San Francisco
Luke T. Shannon Shareholder vcard Chicago
John P. Snow Shareholder vcard Chicago
Andrew M. Solomon Of Counsel vcard St. Louis
Colby B. Springer Principal vcard San FranciscoLos Angeles
Jason A. Wietjes Shareholder vcard DallasHouston