Our health care attorneys have significant experience assisting our clients in successfully applying for and obtaining Certificates of Need and Certificates of Exemption from the relevant state agency for new construction, expansion projects, and sales of facilities. Once a permit is granted, we continue to advise our clients and assist with permit compliance throughout the project, including filing requests for renewal and/or alteration. We have the experience and expertise to provide assistance with construction of new and modernized health care facilities - from real estate acquisition and zoning, joint venture transactions, project financing , Certificate of Need permits, State approval of construction documents, life safety code compliance and inspections, through initial licensure and Medicare/Medicaid certification and enrollment. Our services include:

  • Preparation of applications for Certificates of Need and Exemption
  • Developing and implementing community support campaigns and defending challenges both during the review process and in the appeals process
  • Assistance with reporting requirements and compliance matters for approved projects
  • Assistance with alteration requests and modifying existing projects
  • Contesting approvals and denial in both the Board’s administrative process and in the state courts
  • Assistance with Project Submission forms
  • Assistance with responses to inspections
  • Assistance with applications for State licensure and Medicare/Medicaid enrollment