Facilitating and implementing growth, opportunities and change is vital. Nonprofit organizations often need to adapt to meet the ever-evolving environments in which they operate. Community needs will grow or shift, requiring larger or different platforms for addressing those needs. Changes in funding sources and opportunities, new challenges, costs, laws and regulations will arise. The Nonprofit Organizations practice has assisted hundreds of organizations in seizing those opportunities, addressing those challenges and accomplishing needed change through corporate transactions, including:

  • Creation of chapters, subsidiaries and affiliates to expand an organization’s reach, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Mergers with complementary and like-minded organizations
  • Formation of alliances and affiliations to advance a particular program or leverage resources

These transactions involve specialized tax, corporate, legal, regulatory, organizational and mission-related considerations that must be identified and properly addressed. We utilize our experience and knowledge in executing these transactions to assist our clients in accomplishing the goals they are working tirelessly to achieve.