Assisting our clients in selling their business, or passing their business to the next generation, necessitates a comprehensive perspective of our clients’ organization. The attorneys in our Exit Strategies and Succession Planning practice work with owners to develop a successful transition or exit strategy for their entity that considers current and future ambitions. Understanding our client’s goals, which are often much more complex than obtaining the highest price, is critical to developing the right plan for the client. Many of the most successful transition plans require years to fully implement.

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to these projects, enlisting our Tax and Wealth Planning practices to assure the tax efficiency of a transaction is considered. When transitioning between generations the experience of our Wealth Planning practice is essential for not only assisting in minimizing taxes, but also in addressing governance and control issues.

In addition, we have long held relationships with accomplished professionals in the investment banking, business valuation, accounting, and banking communities that we tap to help owners maximize the value of their business.

Our broad experience helps us assist our clients to determine the best strategy or plan for their professional and personal goals. Members of our practice have executed plans where:

  • The client’s business has been sold for cash to a third-party buyer 
  • The client’s business has been sold to (or merged into) a publicly traded third party and the seller has received cash or publicly traded securities (or both)
  • The client’s business was sold in a leveraged buy-out to a management group backed by investment bankers 
  • The ownership of the client’s business was transitioned to the younger generation on a tax advantage basis, while retaining control of the business in the older generation or only some members of the younger generation 
  • The client’s business was purchased by an ESOP allowing the founder to sell his interest to the employees on a tax advantaged basis