Our political system gives all Americans the right to be heard. The Public Policy group at Polsinelli can give you the strategic voice you need to prevail. We are known for the strong relationships we have built with policymakers in Congress and at the highest levels of the Executive Branch and federal regulatory agencies. We are fiercely bipartisan in our client representation. Our group includes former members of Congress, as well as chiefs of staff to committees and individual members.

We have access to policymakers not only because of our political involvement but also because we are viewed by lawmakers and staff as thoughtful and knowledgeable advocates with substantive experience. The success of our public policy practice can be attributed in large part to our in-depth policy experience on a wide range of issues. This level of knowledge has made us trusted advisors not only to our clients but also to lawmakers and staff who rely on us for policy guidance. Our guidance is effective because of our unique ability to translate complex matters into easily comprehensible terms and to make the most persuasive case.

We are committed to delivering positive outcomes for our clients. That may mean advancing the enactment of a law or a decision by Congress or a federal agency. In other instances, it may mean amending legislation, slowing its consideration or stopping it altogether. In each instance achieving our clients goal is our objective.

That commitment has earned, or saved, our clients billions of dollars for more than two decades. We understand that representing clients effectively requires understanding Members of Congress and their challenges and working to help members achieve their objectives as we advance the interests of our clients. We have helped our clients prevail in an environment of multiples voices and a myriad of interests as we assure their messages are understood.
  • The Polsinelli Public Policy practice has helped clients achieve their goals in approving new medications and medical devices for federal reimbursement and guiding or reshaping federal regulations. It has helped clients overturn federal regulations that were not supported by the record prepared by an agency.
  • Clients seek out Polsinelli for its decades of experience in shaping congressional energy legislation. Independent oil and gas producers asked our practice group to devise and implement a strategy to protect investments in domestic oil and gas exploration. Members of Congress are giving the views of Polsinelli clients full consideration as Congress undertakes a major review of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Polsinelli has helped secure billions of dollars in funding for local governments, non-profit organizations and national research facilities. The firm helped secure billions of dollars in business savings and helped businesses struggling to survive during the Great Recession to avoid layoffs by persuading Congress and its tax-writing committees to extend the period for deducting losses they had incurred from prior net earnings.
  • Polsinelli is recognized by the media and advertising industries as the leaders in protecting advertising from taxation and content restrictions. The Public Policy practice guides two national coalitions that work to inform Congress about the stimulus advertising provides to the economy and the jobs advertising supports.
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