Joint ventures and strategic alliances can be an effective way to fund research and development, expand into new markets, co-market products and develop projects. Our attorneys understand the nuances involved in creating such ventures. Navigating the complexities of joint ventures and strategic alliances, our practice collaborates on a fully integrated basis with other professionals across the firm to provide comprehensive advice, strategy and solutions.

A joint venture or strategic alliance is a highly flexible mechanism designed to share risks and rewards. We appreciate and understand the importance of the balance between risk management and financial success, and the Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliance practice acknowledges our clients’ aspiration to collaborate to achieve technical, strategic and financial goals.

Counseling clients at every stage of a joint venture or strategic alliance, from formation through the exit or unwinding of complex relationships, we realize the issues unique to the deal at hand. Options vary greatly based on the purpose and goal of the joint venture, the parties involved, and the circumstances surrounding the relationship and the potential collaboration.

Management, decision making, intellectual property ownership and use rights, competitive landscape, and termination rights, among others, are potential issues we work to identify prior to negotiations. Additionally, we are dedicated to aligning clients with attorneys whose experience is best suited to provide the most strategic and appropriate solutions. We are sensitive to the regulatory concerns of tax exempt organizations and have assisted with the structure of many tax exempt organizations.

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ACG Dealmakers Breakfast Program; Dallas, TX
November 16, 2017