Decisions made at the start of any venture often have critical implications for the future success of the venture. Due to the sheer magnitude of state and federal regulation of nonprofits, the impact of these early decisions regarding the strategy and structure of the nonprofit could not be any more significant. Each venture must make multiple decisions before its formation. The venture must decide whether to form a corporation, a trust or some other entity. It must consider whether it will have members, and it must consider the proper tax classification based upon the organization’s activities, governance structure and more. Our team guides clients through the myriad of issues and considerations to help each nonprofit organization or venture on the right track from the start. 

Among the unique issues we counsel new nonprofit ventures on are:

  • Anticipated nature of the organization’s operations
  • Control and decision-making for the organization
  • Revenue models to achieve sustainability
  • Anticipated life of the organization, including the degree of permanence of the founding mission and structure of the organization
  • Coordination with affiliated organizations
  • Applying for tax exemption
  • Exit and wind-down strategies