Polsinelli has established itself as a major influential law and public policy firm in the nation’s capital since opening its Washington, D.C. office in 2005. Our bipartisan team is comprised of two former Members of Congress, both of whom served in leadership positions within their respective parties, and former executive branch officials and senior congressional staff in advising our clients on appropriations, budget, health care, education, immigration, and tax policy, as well as First Amendment advertising and media law. The Federal Public Policy practice represents a diverse range of clients that include Fortune 500 corporations, national broadcast and cable networks, food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, national construction firms, along with businesses and executives who need our guidance in antitrust, white collar crime, and regulatory litigation.

Our Federal Public Policy practice has directed multiple efforts to defeat federal government proposals to tax or regulate the content of commercial advertising. They have secured government approval of new and innovative medicines and medical devices, and they have stopped a national tax on the sale of broadcast stations.

Our State Public Policy professionals are located in a number of Polsinelli offices, including the capital city of Jefferson City. Together, they bring decades of experience in state and local regulatory and administrative law matters, regulation of corporate and business and utility activities in insurance, energy, transportation, health care, construction, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, consumer product regulation, economic development, and gaming businesses.

Our range of services include: 
  • Drafted complex business formation legislation which allows businesses to form Series LLCs during the 2013 Missouri legislative session.  Polsinelli’s Public Policy team identified key House and Senate sponsors and negotiated language that was acceptable to all sides.  Bill passed in the House and Senate with a near unanimous vote and was signed into law by Governor Jay Nixon on July 1, 2013.
  • The Polsinelli Public Policy practice has helped clients achieve their goals in approving new medications and medical devices for federal reimbursement and guiding or reshaping federal regulations. It has helped clients overturn federal regulations that were not supported by the record prepared by an agency.
  • Clients seek out Polsinelli for its decades of experience in shaping congressional energy legislation. Independent oil and gas producers asked our practice group to devise and implement a strategy to protect investments in domestic oil and gas exploration. Members of Congress are giving the views of Polsinelli clients full consideration as Congress undertakes a major review of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Polsinelli has helped secure billions of dollars in funding for local governments, non-profit organizations and national research facilities. The firm helped secure billions of dollars in business savings and helped businesses struggling to survive during the Great Recession to avoid layoffs by persuading Congress and its tax-writing committees to extend the period for deducting losses they had incurred from prior net earnings.
  • Polsinelli is recognized by the media and advertising industries as the leaders in protecting advertising from taxation and content restrictions. The Public Policy practice guides two national coalitions that work to inform Congress about the stimulus advertising provides to the economy and the jobs advertising supports.
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