Whether remediating a contaminated property, redeveloping a former industrial facility for sustainable reuse or converting remediated land for renewable energy development purposes, we provide our clients with the legal, technical and regulatory guidance that is required with such complex projects. Our approach is one of strategic focus on risk avoidance rather than mere compliance with the current obligations that may change in the future. We work with our clients in developing practicable courses of action that successfully and efficiently achieve their overall goals while minimizing exposure, maintaining compliance and promoting sustainability.

Whether it is coordinating the cleanup of a contaminated property with responsible parties and local, state and federal agencies; assisting our clients in recovering their costs from other parties and insurance policies; or developing and implementing remediation or redevelopment projects, our approach is to work with our clients in formulating and executing a strategy that meets their goals, protects their interest, maintains compliance and promotes sustainable development.

We work closely with scientists and consultants on projects to continually evaluate our client’s strategies and options. We understand the benefits associated with our clients being recognized as environmental stewards and we work diligently to find solutions and strategies that will benefit the public and the environment immediately and throughout the future. Our focus is on ensuring that the cleanup efforts are done in a way that achieves the clients’ goals and minimizes the future risks.

Our experience ranges from working with small religious orders to global corporations on complex environmental issues including:

  • Remediation
  • Reclamation
  • Brownfields
  • Greenfields
  • Voluntary cleanup programs
  • Natural resource damages
  • Superfund sites
  • Predecessor and successor liability
  • Insurance coverage for environmental cleanups
  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Due diligence
  • Corrective action
  • Representation of a major airline in a significant groundwater and soil contamination and remediation matter.
  • Representation of several agricultural entities in state and federal remediation efforts for soil and water.
  • Representation of a lubricant manufacturer regarding contamination at a former drum recycling operation.
  • Representation of a Fortune 100 transportation company in federal court involving allegations of contribution to historical air contamination that dispersed onto private property.
  • Representation regarding a wide variety of water quality and other environmental and land use issues that arise in mining operations and the reclamation of former mine sites.
  • Representation of the City of Nogales, Arizona in several cross-border contamination and remediation issues.
  • Representation regarding remedial investigation and remediation of metal contaminants in soil in residential areas; achieving No Further Action (NFA) regarding all sites and experiencing no filings of litigation.
  • Representation of a Fortune 100 company in judicial enforced remediation involving metals and acid in a water shed.
  • Representation of several owners and operators of underground storage tanks in remedial efforts involving hydrocarbons.
  • Representation of industrial manufacturers in the remediation of workplace areas involving release of beryllium, asbestos, silicic and other elements.