Our risk management strategies focus on compliance, protecting our clients’ interests, and minimizing their risks and exposure to environment, health and/or safety liabilities.

While we will help our clients address issues that arise from environmental enforcement actions, our goal is to work with clients on the prevention of such incidents and the mitigation of potential liabilities under local, state and federal environmental and workplace safety laws. We assess the environmental liabilities associated with each project and strategically ascertain the right course of action to ensure and maintain compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations.

We help our clients with thorough environmental due diligence in real estate transactions; regular audits essential to maintaining compliance and preventing exposure to risks; developing and implementing emergency management systems; performing and overseeing Phase I, II & III environmental site assessments; as well as ecological and human health risk assessments and other approaches to protecting the clients’ business interests. Additionally, we advise clients regarding various forms of risk transfer and mitigation products in operation or transaction scenarios.

  • Representation regarding remedial investigation and remediation of metal contaminants in soil in residential areas; achieving No Further Action (NFA) regarding all sites and experiencing no filings of lawsuits through involvement in a voluntary program and assessment of various financial mechanisms to mitigate exposure.
  • Representation regarding environmental due diligence regarding historic liabilities associated with federally permitted mine in connection with a transaction; and assessment of financial mechanisms to address remaining exposures.
  • Representation of land owners, prospective purchasers and other “owners/operators” in various aspects of site remediation including permitting, financial assurance, compliance with risk-based standards and issues concerning leaking storage tanks.
  • Representation regarding Brownfields voluntary clean-up program requirements, No Further Action (NFA) letters, environmental due diligence and corrective action before property is bought, sold or transferred.
  • Representation of an international manufacturer in the development of its Regulated Substances Program as applicable to all of its international providers including assessment of financial mechanisms to mitigate risks.
  • Representation of a national client in its development and implementation of an audit policy to achieve compliance with an enforcement initiated by the U.S. EPA.
  • Representation regarding liabilities and advantages to the purchase and sale of contaminated properties (“brownfields”) to assist in risk avoidance and in redevelopment.
  • Representation of an international sporting goods manufacturer in the development of its ISO 14001 plans.