Since 1998, our Capital Markets practice has represented loan originators, loan sellers, master and special servicers, operating advisors, asset representations reviewers, B-piece investors, underwriters, and issuers in more than 1,075 CMBS securitization transactions, including 190 CMBS transactions involving the securitization of more than $100 billion commercial real estate loans over the last 12 months and 4 collateralized commercial real estate loan transaction (CLO) for Prime Finance involving more than $1.9 billion of real estate loans in which Polsinelli acted as issuer’s and loan seller’s counsel. Our work on this large number of complex securitization and structured finance transactions and our strong presence in the capital markets allows us to help our clients take advantage of opportunities and overcome challenges in all market conditions.

As recognized leaders in the representation of commercial loan originators and servicers, we know and understand the conduit loan and securitization market from beginning to end. We work with attorneys in Polsinelli’s conduit loan origination practice, which has documented over $56 billion-plus conduit loans around the country and loan enforcement practice to both structure loans for the conduit securitization market and work out, enforce, and defend borrower defaults and loan seller defaults pursuant to market standards.

We also have experience with various types of derivatives and structured products involving interest rates, securities and credit, including the following derivative products:
  • Swaps
  • Caps
  • Floors
  • Collars
  • Credit-linked notes
  • Options