As an extension of our trademark counseling and litigation services, Polsinelli’s intellectual property attorneys advise clients on a diversity of issues involving the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP). While so-called “cyber-squatting” was once the most common form of domain conflicts, the nature of UDRP violations has expanded in scope and for major companies, now most frequently involves attempts at outright fraud.  

Whether through the addition of an extra letter to a .com or by appending a legitimate web address with additional words, criminals will set up domains that can often get through internet security programs and seem legitimate to the casual observer.  Once activated, perpetrators can then use the domain to send emails that intercept vendor payments or incur other financial fraud, with significant financial losses to the company.

Polsinelli’s attorneys in this area are experienced in domain name conflicts and UDRP issues, and serve clients both small and large, including those with revenues into the billions.  We work with our clients to evaluate their vulnerabilities and proactively protect them against this fraud.  Should a deceptive domain registration occur, we utilize our experience in UDRP filings and, if necessary, trademark litigation to resolve the matter in a way that is advantageous to our client. 

UDRP and domain name conflict services are an additional feature in our host of trademark counseling and litigation services, and provide clients with an important dimension of intellectual property protection.